The Cary Family

Cary Family
Louis and Shelley

Louis & Shelley

Louis was raised on the ranch from an early age. Shelley joined the family in 1969. They worked with Garnett (Louis’s mother) until 1983 when they became the managers. Operations continue much the same. Come, experience our gracious hospitality and intimate knowledge of the area. Listen with attention to Louis’s stories of funny happenings, hair raising escapades, fascinating history, and interesting adventures.


Julie continues to be involved with life at the ranch.  Between visits home to assist with renovations or checking on the soundness of the horse herd, she works as a veterinarian.  A specialist in Equine Surgery, she is currently teaching and operating at Washington State University.  She is known to show up at Hunter Peak on occasion to guide trail rides or help with large events. Her favorite ranch activity remains backcountry pack trips.

Casey, Karri, & Elainna
Casey and Karri live on the family farm in Garland, Wyoming. Casey divides his time between construction and farming, and Karri is a hydrologist for the Forest Service. Elainna is our speedy toddler who spends her time herding or scolding the dogs and cat and loves to help water and feed all the farm critters.

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